Currently, Emeris can only connect to Keplr, but more wallets will be accessible in the near future.

How to Connect Keplr to Emeris

Note: If you haven't installed Keplr on your Chrome browser, you'll need to install it before continuing.

📌 Make sure you enable pop-ups on Chrome to be able to approve the connection. This is also necessary to sign transactions while using Emeris App.

After installed:

  1. Go to

  2. Select [Connect to Keplr]

  3. After carefully reading the terms and conditions, click [Agree] to continue

  4. [Experimental Feature — Chain Add Request] window appears, click [Approve]

  5. Now you have to authorize the connection between Keplr and Emeris: In the [Requesting Connection] window, select [Approve] to continue

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