Emeris is a one-stop portal for all crypto apps, no matter what blockchain they run on and will let users experience cross-chain DeFi like never before. The beta version of Emeris was launched in August 2021 and will last until late Q1 2022 when the Public Launch of Emeris is live.

The beta version offers a non-custodial cross-chain DeFi dashboard.

It's currently only available in web version, Mobile version will come with the public launch.

The Emeris dashboard comes with two flagship features:

  • Gravity DEX integration. The Gravity DEX protocol is a novel type of DeFi protocol that was launched on the Cosmos Hub on July 12, 2021. Built with cross-chain trading in mind, this cutting-edge DEX is perfectly suited to be the first protocol supported by Emeris.

  • Cross-chain asset transfers using Cosmos’ ground-breaking Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Emeris is the first interface to feature smart IBC routing capabilities, to enable the smoothest IBC user experience to date.

How trustworthy is Emeris? Emeris is made by Tendermint, a core contributor to the Cosmos network with some of the best developers in the network. Furthermore, Emeris Beta is integrated with the Gravity DEX protocol, which is deployed on the most secure Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain to date and has passed several code audits.

Despite this, please be aware that this is a beta version, which means that some of the functionalities are limited or not yet implemented, and it's possible that you might experience localized disruptions or slow-responding functionality.

Do you want to read more about it?

Feel free to check out our Medium blog post "Introducing Emeris"


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