You're using the Swap function when you wish to swap tokens on the same chain.

For example, you can swap $ATOM to $OSMO on Cosmos Hub.

When you get $OSMO on Cosmos Hub, your OSMO show with nomenclature IBC and they won't be visible on dashboard. Why? Because the dashboard doesn't show cross-chain data, only data from Osmosis.

From the main page of the Emeris dashboard

  1. Select the token you want to pay with

  2. Select the token you wish to receive

  3. Enter the amount you want to exchange or select [Max]

  4. Click [Review] & review your transaction details

  5. Select [Confirm and Continue]

  6. Sign your transaction on Keplr pop-up

  7. Wait until your swap is completed.

📌 If you have a token on several chains, you'll need to choose which chain you want to use for the swap

📌 If the tokens you choose for the swap are not in the Cosmos Hub, an interchain transaction will automatically be performed to bring the tokens into the Hub and add the tokens to the pool.
If this is the case, double transaction fees may apply. ⚠

📌 Tokens received from the exchange will be located in the Cosmos Hub.

📌 The market can be extremely volatile, the displayed value may change by the time you confirm your trade. Make sure you adjust your slippage by clicking on the three dots top right of the Swap card.

📌 Swapping the total amount of your balance is not possible as you always need to have a remaining balance to pay for the transactions fees.

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