⚠ The Cosmos Hub does not currently support farming incentives. However, a Cosmos SDK module is currently being developed for this purpose ⚠

Providing liquidity to a pool facilitates efficient asset trading while allowing you to earn a return on your holdings.

It's important to know that providing liquidity may incur impermanent loss. It doesn't always happen but providing liquidity has this risk.

In order to start providing liquidity, you will need to have both sides of the pair.

Make sure you have enough balance for the two tokens you wish to provide in the Liquidity Pool (LP).

Once you're ready:

  1. Go to the [Pools] section

  2. Click on the pool you wish to add tokens to

  3. Select [Add Liquidity] on the right (Equity section)

  4. Choose the amount in USD ($); amount of tokens will be automatically calculated by the system.

  5. Click on [Continue]

  6. [Approve]the transaction on Keplr (pop-up will show).

After the procedure has been successfully completed, you see a summary of the transaction.

When you provide liquidity you get LP Tokens called [Gravity X] (X as a reference number that changes depending on the pool).

📌 If the tokens you're trying to add into the pool are not in the Cosmos Hub, Emeris will first perform an interchain transaction to bring the tokens into the hub and then add the tokens to the pool.

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