A liquidity pool is a trading venue for a pair of tokens. Liquidity pools work with smart contracts. When creating a pool, the initial balance of tokens is 0 and as the first provider, you set the initial price of the pool. (Proceed with caution) You also pay a pool creation fee.

Creating pools is something that needs to be well considered before initiating it.

The more liquidity a pool has, the more stable the price of the tokens.

If you want to go ahead and create a pool on Emeris:

  • Go to the [Pools] page

  • Select on the side [+ add liquidity]

  • Select the two tokens you want as pairs

  • A message will be displayed

  • Check the pool creation fee

  • Click on [Confirm] & [I understand] agreement

  • Click with [proceed and continue]

When you add liquidity to the pool you create, you get LP tokens which come under the name: Gravity X tokens, where X is replaced by a number.

As an example, Gravity 1 are LP tokens from the $OSMO & $ATOM liquidity pool.

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