To start with, we'd like to say we're sorry you're having difficulties with your transaction! We hope the following tips and best practices help to identify what's wrong.

Quick tips:

  1. When a transaction fails, always check the error name (by clicking on [Show more details] from the error message on Emeris), it helps clarify what's going on.

  2. Have you already closed the feedback message? No worries, find your transaction on a block explorer and check the error message displayed.

Classic Errors

  1. Out of gas error: It's a common one when executing an IBC transaction. Check out this article for a quick solution.

  2. Insufficient funds or insufficient fees: This error usually happens when you don't have enough native tokens to pay for the transactions fees. Make sure you have sufficient remaining balance to use for the transaction fee.

  3. Sign transaction error: Check you have enabled pop-ups, without them, you aren't able to sign the transaction via Keplr and the transaction can't go through.

  4. The chain is unavailable: It may happen that chains are temporarily unavailable. This usually lasts a couple of minutes and self-fixes. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and try again. If it keeps failing, check out the status page to see if there is any known issue going on.

  5. Time out: It may happen that the transaction times out. In this scenario, you get an error message on Emeris, however, if you check your transaction on Mintscan it says "Successful". On your end, you notice your tokens are missing.

    Your funds are temporarily gone, nowhere to be found in the sending or receiving address. We know it can be scary, but don't worry your funds are self-reverted within a couple of hours (max). It usually takes less than an hour, but in some scenario it can take longer.

Things to consider

📌 When a transaction fails, fees apply, you may see your available balance decrease.

📌Transaction has timed-out and it's been more than 12 hours since your tokens are gone?

One more time, fear not, your tokens are not lost. Reach out to Emeris Support and, when doing so, make sure you share your tx hash or wallet address so we can track the transaction.

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