From the main Pools page, you can take different actions.

To start with, you can see:

  • All the available pools in Emeris

  • The liquidity there is in each pool

  • If you have added liquidity, you can see your share in the pool.

You can also choose the [Add liquidity] feature

If you want to see more information about a Pool, go ahead and click on it. You are redirected to the [Token - Token] pool you have chosen and see relevant information like the following:

  • The value in $ of the liquidity pool (LP)

  • The ratio [Token=Token]

  • The quantity of both tokens in the LP

  • Liquidity Pool token [Gravity #] and its price

  • Equity information, if you have added liquidity.

While on Beta

⚠ Pools are not incentivised ⚠

⚠ Not every token has an available pool ⚠

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