Never share your 12-word seed phrase, private key, keystore or mnenomic. Never!

Why? Sharing your 12-word seed phrase is like giving the key to the front door of your house to a thief. They will come in and take all your belongings.

Never enter your seed phrase or private keys or authenticate your wallet into any website online; even if they are promising you a quick fix for an issue.

Why? Same logic, giving your key, giving your belongings away.

Beware of scammers:

  • A Community Manager will NEVER DM you first on Social Media (Telegram & Twitter)

  • Support will always communicate with you via official channel:

    • Official Emeris Support helpcenter:

    • Chat on ( Find it on the bottom right of the screen)

  • Support or Community Managers will never reach out to you via Telegram in a private message (DM) letting you know they have been informed about your issue and they can resolve it for you.

Scammers are very smart, they impersonate people working at Emeris (or any other software). They use our names, copy our pictures, and can be very charming and helpful. Don't let them fool you just because you're eager to get an answer.

Due to the nature of the underlying technology, blockchain transactions that have been confirmed by the network are not reversible. We are not able to reverse any successful transactions. Please reach out to the recipient address/entity/owner for assistance.

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