Emeris is your portal to cross-chain DeFi. We understand it's important for you to be able to track the status of your transactions (tx).

Tip: when contacting the Emeris Support Team, always share your transaction link or hash.

How can you find that information?

You can find all the information on-chain using a block explorer, we don't have a preferred one, so here are two options you can use:

Once you get to one of the block explorers, use the search bar to paste your wallet address or transaction hash. You don't know how to find your transaction hash? Check this FAQ.

You'll be able to see a summary of your wallet account:

  • Your balance(s)

  • Your transactions

    • When clicking on a transaction, you can get details from it, including even an error code is displayed if there was a failure.

  • Your staking balance

  • Much more relevant information

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