As a first step when the app is failing to launch, we invite you to check the status page on our web widget. (Bottom right side of the page).

If the status is OK, then there may be some technical difficulties on your end. If that's your case, kindly go through the following troubleshooting steps before contacting the Emeris Support team:

  1. Make sure you're using the latest Chrome version (Emeris Beta works better on Chrome)

  2. Try a hard refresh

    • How?

      • Hold down "Shift" and click the "Reload button"

      • Or Hold down "Command," "Shift," and click the 'R' key

  3. Open an incognito tab (Windows: CRTL + shift + N ; Mac: shift+ + N) and launch the Emeris App.
    If it works, the step below should resolve your difficulty.

  4. Clear data from your browser (Browsing data & cookies, delete cache)

    • How?

      • Go to the three dots on the right side of your Google tab

      • Select advanced settings > More tools

      • Clear data > Advanced settings

      • Make sure you select

        • Cached images and files

        • Hosted app data

        • Content licences

        • Cookies and other site data

With this standard troubleshooting, Emeris App should launch.

If, after that, it's still not working, kindly take a screenshot or screen record with the console opened and forward it to us.

  • How to get to the console? Click right on the screen > select inspect > select tab console > screenshot the entire screen

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