As you start using Emeris, it's quite normal to get confused with the balances on one end or another.

As we were explaining in the Portfolio guide user, while swapping in Emeris you can have your tokens on different chains.

Therefore, you can have, for example, 2.000004 AKT distributed in:

  • Cosmo Hub: 1.000003 AKT

  • Akash: 1.000001 AKT

Emeris dashboard displays the total value, and when you click on it, you can see how it's distributed.

If you check on your wallet, only 1.000001 AKT will be visible on AKASH chain.

If you want the full balance to be displayed on AKASH chain, you need to use the function [MOVE] to move your AKT tokens from the Cosmo Hub to Akash.

Emeris Beta

While on Emeris Beta, you may still see some difference in your balance when it comes to staking or bonded tokens.

As we're working on developing these features for Emeris Public Launch, Emeris isn't showing unbonding staked tokens right now.

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