Due to the nature of that market, it may happen that the value you receive after a swap is slightly different from what you were expecting.

This is because the value displayed changed due to market volatility.

What tool do I have to help with this? Slippage

If you want to make sure that the amount of tokens you receive doesn't differ too much from expected, you can change the slippage.


  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right of the [Swap] section.

  • Choose the slippage % that you want to use

There you have 3 options that represent the percentage of tolerance you are willing to accept in completing the operation.

If the system determines that it is impossible to execute the operation because the value of the tokens has changed, the operation will be cancelled.

Do you want to set a custom slippage?

  • Click on the profile picture avatar

  • Select Settings

  • Choose to activate custom slippage

  • You can add your custom slippage from the Swap section

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