Let's start by explaining the transaction hash (commonly named Tx hash) is the unique number that identifies your transaction.

Knowing where to find the information about your account and your transaction(s) is important to understand their status or see any error messages if something went wrong.

You can use a block explorer to find this information, as an example, we suggest using Mintscan.

  • Copy on your clip board your wallet address , you may find it in your wallet extension.

  • Go to Mintscan

  • Paste the wallet address in the search bar

  • Your wallet profile page opens

  • Scroll down and head to the transaction history

  • Find the transaction you are interested in and click on it

  • You see the tx hash, which is a long combination of letters and numbers.

    • This is an example of a tx hash: 5EECBD47E431865C9B34C7EC7FF07E39AB710CA58AE7B3F145DC9AF1799FD2E1

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