Is there an Emeris token?

We're sorry, there is no Emeris token and currently, there is no plan to release one. Emeris is not a blockchain, hence no token. Rather, Emeris is an app that enables you to easily visualize and manage your crypto assets on multiple blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. Though the vision for Emeris expands far beyond Cosmos, aiming to offer a one-stop portal for all crypto apps and services across many interconnected blockchains.

Will there be an Airdrop?

To be able to launch an airdrop, we need a token, and as explained above Emeris can't have a token. There are no plans for an airdrop. However, the team is working on the Airdrops Tracker page which will be incorporated into Emeris.

From there, you’ll be able to automatically check your eligibility to past and upcoming airdrops across many chains and, where possible, to claim airdrops directly from Emeris.

When is the Emeris public launch?

We are working hard behind the scenes and our target for the public launch is during the second quarter of 2022.

Up-to-date announcements are available on the official Telegram announcements channel.

What are the current pool rewards?

Pool rewards are directly dependent on the DEX offering liquidity. Currently, Emeris is an interface to Gravity DEX (transitioning soon to Crescent, see more info here)

While in beta and Gravity DEX farming module implemented, the pool rewards are 0.3% APR.

When will I be able to stake?

The staking feature is currently in the final stages of development and should be released soon. This exciting feature will come in two parts.

First, we will add flows to stake assets on all supported chains, as well as metrics to keep track of staking balances.

Then, a few months later, we will add the ability to auto-compound staking rewards on compatible chains, removing the need to manually claim and restake periodically in order to maximize rewards generation.

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