What is Emeris?

Emeris is an interface that aims to connect all the blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. Thanks to Emeris, you will be able to experience cross-chain DeFi like never before. Some of the actions you’re able to take are:

  1. Transfer assets across multiple blockchains

  2. Swap assets using our Emeris widget

  3. Provide liquidity on Crescent (Formerly Gravity DEX) and earn daily rewards

  4. Stake and earn daily rewards on the tokens you hold

  5. [Coming soon] Swap assets using the available price across different DEXs using the DEX Aggregator feature

  6. [Coming soon] Use the Airdrop Tracker to track past, present, and future airdrops and view eligibility from all the chains in the Cosmos ecosystem in one interface

Getting started with Emeris

Emeris is not a wallet on its own, but rather a dashboard that, in the future, will be able to connect to multiple wallet extensions.

For now, Emeris works only with the Keplr wallet, but a mobile wallet and browser extension will be released at Emeris' public launch.

To get started with Emeris, the first thing you need to do is to connect your Keplr wallet extension to Emeris.

How to connect a wallet to Emeris explains how you can easily link your existing Keplr wallet to Emeris.

  1. To launch the Emeris app, simply navigate to www.emeris.com and click on Launch App

2. When the App opens you will be in Demo mode.

  • Here you can get a feel for how the App works without using real funds.

Click on Connect wallet on the top right corner to connect Emeris to your Keplr wallet.

On the top of the main page, you are presented with 6 options. Let's run through the options one by one.

1 . Portfolio

This is the main page where all your available assets across multiple chains are displayed. In the portfolio page you will be able to see:

  • Total Balance: This is the total of all the combined tokens in your wallet on all the chains.

  • Assets: All your tokens available on your wallet are shown here. If you have tokens on multiple chains, a circled number corresponding to how many tokens are shown. Pointing the cursor to the number will display the balance in each chain.

  • Pools: All the pools in which you have provided liquidity will appear here.

  • Stake: Click on any of your available assets on the Portfolio page and you’ll be presented with the option to stake them. Staking involves committing the tokens you hold to help secure a blockchain network and earn daily rewards in return. Check out our Staking 101 article to find out more about staking

Visit the Emeris Portfolio page article for a more in-depth description of the main page.

2 . Assets

All the tokens supported by Emeris are shown on the Assets page along with their respective prices, market cap, and ticker symbol.

Check out the Assets Page article for more details.

3 . Pools

All the pools currently available on Emeris are displayed on the Pools page with the current liquidity available for each pool. If you have provided liquidity to any pool, your share is also displayed here.

Check out the Liquidity Pools FAQ to learn how to add and withdraw liquidity.

4 . Receive

Any token you wish to receive from an external address is done via the Receive button. This is where you will get the receiving address for each token.

Check out the How to Receive article to learn how to receive tokens from external addresses.

5 . Send

The send button has 2 functions:

  • Send to address

    • Send assets to someone else or another account with a crypto address

  • Move assets

    • Move assets between your addresses on different chains

Our Send to an external address and Move assets step-by-step guides cover these options in greater detail.

6 . Profile

The Profile button has several options.

  • Disconnect wallet: Disconnects the Keplr wallet currently connected to Emeris

  • Settings:

    • Theme: This allows you to change the visuals from a light theme to dark theme.

    • Set gas limit: This allows you to set a custom gas fee for all your future transactions.

      Learn more about gas fees and how to change them in our article HERE

  • Support: Click here to view the library of support articles as well as to start a chat with the support team

  • Telegram: redirects to the official Emeris Telegram channel

  • Twitter: Redirects to the official Emeris Twitter account

  • Emeris.com: Redirects to the official Emeris webpage


The Emeris swap widget is within the main page. In the swap widget, users will be able to:

  • Swap any tokens where liquidity pools are available

  • Swap tokens within the same chain as well as swap tokens on multiple chains

  • Adjust the transaction fees

  • Adjust the slippage tolerance

  • Customize gas fees

Coming soon: The DEX aggregator feature will be implemented into the swap widget. With it, you’ll get the best possible price for a token from multiple DEXs

Check out this step-by-step guide to swapping on Emeris

Coming soon to Emeris

DEX Aggregator

With the soon to come DEX Aggregator, users swapping on Emeris will be able to get the best token price possible from multiple DEXs. The DEX aggregator will be integrated directly into the swap widget.

The DEX aggregator will initially support Cosmos SDK chains (Osmosis, Gravity DEX protocol). In the next phases, expect to see chains from other ecosystems such as Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and more.

You can read more about the DEX Aggregator feature in our blog post.

Airdrop Tracker

Right now, you have to navigate through different websites to find information about potential upcoming airdrops. Sometimes you are on time to qualify, sometimes you are late.

With the new Airdrop Tracker page coming to Emeris, you will be able to go through the list of options from one single place.

You will be able to use the Emeris airdrop page to discover upcoming, live, and ended airdrops across the Cosmos ecosystem. Users will also be able to view airdrop eligibility and claim.

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